How We Work

We’re an alternative to the traditional jewellery store.  We meet with our clients by appointment and have a non-salesy approach to customer service.  By not having inventory to push on you, we’re able to give you unbiased info.  This lets you make an informed decision before buying anything.  Our engagement rings are custom-made locally based on your design ideas.  The diamonds we list are not stocked in our Vancouver and Fraser Valley offices to keep prices low – we order the diamond you would like to purchase after helping you narrow down the specs.

In the first step...

Please email us an image of the engagement ring or jewellery piece you are interested in.  We’ll provide you a quote from that point.

You can use our diamonds search page to narrow down your selections and add diamonds to your wishlist.  If you would like our expertise in choosing the best one then we will happily share our knowledge of diamonds with you.

In the second step...

We start designing your engagement ring, wedding band or jewellery piece.  Depending on the complexity of the design, we’ll either forge it in the metal, carve a wax model of it, or use computer-aided design (CAD) to create renderings for you to approve before actually making it – this keeps you involved every step of the way.

In the third step...

Our goldsmith and setter finish making your custom engagement ring and jewellery piece.  An appraisal report is issued at the end by a certified jewellery appraiser before it’s ready for you to enjoy.

How to Get Started

The process can last about 2 – 6 weeks or longer depending on the complexity of the engagement ring and jewellery.  We don’t take returns on our custom jewellery and have a two week return policy on pre-made jewellery that is ordered in already finished form. To get started please use the contact link below and let us know what kind of diamond or jewellery you are looking for.

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