Is GIA diamond grading the best?


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It’s a common question when starting your engagement ring and diamond search.

In short, yes. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the best diamond grading lab. By “best” we mean the most reputable, accurate and consistent.

When a diamond cutter cuts a rough stone into a polished diamond he/she then chooses which grading lab to send it to. They can choose GIA, AGS, IGI, GCAL, EGL, etc. Different factors might affect this decision.

If I have a beautiful, high-quality diamond that I just cut then I’d most likely be sending it to GIA for grading. Having GIA give it a grade makes it easier to sell because the grade is viewed as accurate. GIA is the grading standard within the industry. Meaning that if a diamond is graded by a lab other than GIA the question becomes “what grade is this stone according to GIA standards?”

Jewellers, dealers, gemologists and appraisers all ask themselves this question when a diamond with a lab certificate other than GIA crosses their path. Even more so for diamonds without a grading certificate at all. We all want one grading standard to go by. Not eight.

Then why not just send it to GIA for grading right off the bat, right?

Maybe the other lab has cheaper fees. Maybe their turnaround time is better. Maybe the diamond cutter has a better relationship with someone at that other lab. Or maybe they just want a higher grade than what GIA might give the diamond. It could even be a reason that’s entirely different.

The main thing is to do your research. Don’t just settle for any diamond grading lab to verify the specs of your stone. When we craft engagement rings, like the one we made below, we always recommend GIA because they are the most consistent, accurate and stringent in their grading.


We try to pass along our knowledge so that you can make an informed decision.

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