Dominion Recovers 553ct. Yellow Diamond

Industry News

Dominion Diamond Mines has unearthed the largest known gem-quality diamond found in North America, it said last week. 

The company recovered the 552.74-carat yellow diamond in October at its Diavik mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories. It beats the previous record the 187.7-carat Diavik Foxfire set at the same mine in 2015. 

The stone, which is about the size of a chicken’s egg, was passing through the initial screening process at Diavik’s recovery plant when workers discovered it, Dominion said. The company won’t sell it in its rough form, and instead plans to select a partner in the coming weeks to cut and polish it. It will ultimately sell the polished under the Canadamark program, which certifies that diamonds originated in Canadian mines, and are natural and untreated. 

“This incredible discovery showcases what is truly spectacular about Canadamark diamonds,” said Dominion chairman Kyle Washington. “The color and texture of the diamond are a unique example of the journey that natural diamonds take from their formation until we unearth them. Our Diavik mine has produced some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world, and this one certainly tops the list.” 

Dominion owns 40% of the Diavik mine, with Rio Tinto holding the remaining 60%.