Lucara Sells Two Huge Diamonds at $32M Tender

Industry News

Lucara Diamond Corp. sold $32.5 million worth of rough from the Karowe mine at its recent exceptional-stone tender, including a 327-carat diamond that fetched more than $10 million.

The 10 stones — ranging from 40.4 carats to 472.37 carats — weighed a combined 1,453.06 carats, and sold for an average price of $22,356 per carat, Lucara said Tuesday.

The highest seller was a 327.48-carat white diamond (pictured, right), which earned $10.1 million, or $30,900 per carat. A 472.37-carat light brown stone (left) also found a buyer, though the miner did not publish its price tag.

“Lucara is very pleased with the outcome of [the sale], which was comprised of diamonds produced during 2018, including several diamonds recovered from [a recently exposed part of Karowe] during February and April of this year,” said Lucara CEO Eira Thomas.

All 10 of the stones on offer at the tender — which 29 companies attended — sold for over $1 million each, with four of those garnering more than $3 million apiece.

Ten diamonds Lucara has sold since production began have fetched more than $10 million each, the miner noted.