Asscher Cut Diamond

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Picture of Asscher Cut Diamond

A 57 facet diamond, the Asscher cut diamond was developed at a time when the round brilliant diamond was the common diamond shape. The Asscher shaped diamond is named for its creator, Joseph Asscher, owner of the Amsterdam based diamond company, the Asscher Diamond Company. The Asscher cut was developed in 1902, coming in the beginning of the Art-Deco movement that embraced and championed the straight lined geometric form. Its square, step cut shape was the forerunner of the later emerald cut shape of diamond. This type of diamond looks great in engagement rings and diamond jewellery.

Like the emerald cut, the Asscher cut has large step-cut facets. However, its facets tend to be larger than those of the emerald cut, and its shape tends toward the square as opposed to the rectangular. With its deep pavilion, faceted culet, high crown and small table, the Asscher was designed to do more than just highlight larger stones. The Asscher is designed to bring out their inner fire, while its small table and high crown bring out more fire and scintillation than the similar emerald cut. The Asscher has an ideal length to width ratio of 1 to 1.

The Asscher is a distinctive diamond, with a number of unique identifiers. When choosing the setting for an Asscher, it is important to make certain that the blocked corners are not hidden. It is these blocked corners that add to the unique quality of the Asscher cut diamond. Yet another of the singular aspects of the Asscher is found in the shape and faceting of its pavilion. The pavilion is faceted in a “scissor cut” fashion, in which the step cut is used to facet the pavilion down to the culet.

The broad, flat-faceted step cut nature of the Asscher allows for tremendous luster, but it will also illuminate any flaws. It is for this reason that when choosing the Asscher, as with the emerald cut, it is best to use stones of high quality in order to ensure that the diamond has the greatest, unadulterated luster and shine. The Asscher Diamond Company has recently resumed production of this bold cut. This is definitely one of the many cuts of diamonds for those who wish to express a sense of elegance and beauty.