Oval Cut Diamond

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Picture of Oval Cut Diamond

The oval diamond can be a brillant diamond and has an elongated shape.

The “oval” shaped diamond is quite similar to the “round” shaped diamond. The oval shaped diamond was created in the 1960’s by Lazare Kaplan and, like the round brilliant diamond; it normally has 56 to 58 facets. It is essentially an elongated round brilliant diamond, having an elliptical shape rather than a round shape.

One of the enticements of the Oval shape diamond can be found in its expense savings for its carat size, as they are 20% to 25% less expensive than round diamonds of the same size. The shape itself presents a larger surface area than a round of the same carat weight, thus giving the appearance of a larger diamond for the same carat weight. Its elongated shape is ideal for those who wish to give the illusion of longer, thinner fingers. It’s also great for diamond engagement rings and various diamond jewellery.

The optimal length to width ratio of the Oval shape is 1.3-1.65 to 1. Look for evenly rounded ends and a full middle. The oval can be set in most settings that would be used for a round, allowing for the adjustment of utilizing at least six well-spaced prongs to insure that the diamond is held securely. Personality traits associated with the attraction for the oval shape are creativity, individualism and risk-taking.